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Originally Posted by Trip View Post
Well this was concerning, don't you think? For all we know, her blog could be on her facebook page.
"We tried going for walks, and we would see him and his family lounging. As soon as they noticed us they would begin taunting us, trying to get us to have a confrontation again."

As we all can attest to, there are always 3 sides to every story. The truth, in there somewhere...The confrontation aside for the moment. I think security, on the beach, and, on,board was lacking. What would have had to happen, that security steps in?
Her blog is a Google Blog spot reserved only for this event. As to Facebook their was no direct link though she of course would probaly have one as she is in Communication.

Put yourself in the Families situation as all they knew was this woman yelling at them so though they should have ignored her , they tried to rile here.
Not right but they would not know what would send her off.
Given the gentleman is Bi-Polar then unless you know the symptoms and what the triggers are , one can make judgements too hasty. I've seen many cultures where some of our or their habits can bother us. A cruise ship being enclosed is the wrong place to set things right from ones own viewpoint.

As to security , I agree, it could have been improved in terms of her comfort level and ensuring all passengers are safe from harm. The reporting was a bit off base but the story tells me unless you have an intelligent security person to obtain the facts correctly after the fact, this lady might have caused those passengers to be disembarked and perhaps her and her family. Would have gone out of control.

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