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Originally Posted by ShadowDancer894 View Post
Why must you tease me so?

Yes, I'm a card carrying graduate student, but no I cannot take that particular sailing with you. All of my travel must be completed between Oct 17 - Oct 23. I have one week off between clinical rotations. I'm supposed to use it for travel between clinical sites; I'd rather to use it for cruising. So whatever vacation I take needs to fall between those dates and be rather short. It just needs to be a mini getaway to destress from the educational madness. But I will absolutely remember to find you when I am ready to travel for a mega whopper of a 14 day+ get away.

Thank you for asking!
Hi Shae,
I am very interested. I dream of a vacation just like you described and looking for a companion just like you. I want to know you and let you know me. I love the way you expressed your self. What is your PHD about? What school?
I am professional male; love to travel and to explore the world. Like photography, trying to write 2 books (about travel and my live experience). Like martial art for fitness, self control and self defense (have first Dan black belt going for the second Dan), I hope that I will continue to live in peace and never need to use it, life is so precious and beautiful, there should be no place for violence. I believe that matters should be resolved with listening, understanding, respect, and peace. I love dancing, theater, sight-seeing and learning about other cultures.
I am available during your time frame; do you have a reservation or still looking?
Please drop me a line, I am eager to hear from you.
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