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Originally Posted by Paul Motter View Post

No doubt you are right about who cruises on what cruise line, but I tend to look at it like any big city. I might see drunk or unsightly people any day at any time, but it doesn't affect me personally.

Carnival may have a few people like this on some cruises, but I would never say this is the normal Carnival cruise passenger. So, this would not stop me from taking a Carnival cruise again.

I don't cruise based on who my fellow passengers will be, I cruise based on what kind of adventure I want for myself. But that's me. I also liked living in NY City and could ignore the homeless, etc. Not everyone is like me, some people are affected more.
Well, I certainly respect your choices - but given the number of posts by people who complain about rude behavior on cruise ships, I think that for most people it does matter. A ship is a pretty well-contained experience - you can't exactly walk on the other side of the street to avoid a rowdy bunch.
Like most working people, I have a very busy life and prefer to spend my vacation time away from lots of noise and confrontation. I'm fortunate that I have the luxury to choose the line I sail on, and given that luxury I will pick the cruise that will more likely offer a peaceful, relaxing experience. On my last two Carnival sailings, I had a balcony very near loud, obnoxious groups of "men" (really they were overgrown boys) that threw cigarettes and cigars off their balconies, made constant loud noise, and swore at everything. The most recent sailing featured a fight between two families at the buffet after a teenager knocked a tray out of a woman's hand. So - given the choice of a vacation on the QM 2 or the Dream, I'll take the QM 2.
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