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So - no one wants to play my game?

My goal is to make a circular list if ship names that starts and ends with the same ship.

I know we can do it, I am just curious how big it will be.

They are all bad - look at Radisson (now regent) - all their ships were Royal Caibbean names.

The year of Carnival Freedom & Liberty coming out with Liberty & Freedom of the Seas was insane. Why would they do that the same years - was that marketing genious or lunacy?

How many ships have been named "Sun"

I think Celebrity has the worst names: Millennium was the only one that made any topical sense. But "Summit" for a ship is like "Oasis" - doesn't make sense (there are no summits at sea, just as there are no oases).

Equinox and Eclipse - I constantly forget which is which.
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