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The first day almost always has a special price package. I have only carried my own laptop on our two Italy/Mediterranean cruises. I don't really need it on shorter cruises and use the ship's computers. I took it then, because we were gone for 3 weeks each and I could use it in my hotel room and to download photographs. You cannot download on the ship computer.

When I bring my own 'puter I I log on and open my e-mail and then list the incoming mail by name. Then I can glance over the names to see if I have anything from work or a family member. I read only those emails. The rest can wait. I copy and paste the emails that I need to answer to a Word doc and log off. Then I can take my time typing my responses in word and then log back on and paste my responses and send the email and get back off quickly.

I also enjoy having my laptop on major trips to make a trip diary. I have done travel diaries for 40+ years and love being able to do this on the 'puter. I also am able to access my planning and travel notes, contacts etc. on my laptop. I used mine everywhere on the Dream in Italy last year and had much better luck with connecting and staying on-line than the passengers who were trying to use the ship's computers.

The first time carried my 17" laptop and last year I took my min-net book and it made a world of difference. So much easier than lugging that monster around.:-D
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