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OK, I have some changes.
5/30/11 fly to Anchorage. Go to motel and sleep.
5/31/11 pick up rental car in town and drive to Denali, sight see along the way. Find our motel and eat and sleep.
6/1/11 Take the Denali shuttle into the park and spend the whole day in the park. Go back to the motel and sleep.

This is where I run out of enough info to make my decision.
We are leaving out of Whittier on 6/4/11 and we would like to do the Prince William Sound tour ( 5 or 6 hour one).
Can I drive from Denali to Whittier or should we go back to Anchorage first, turn in the car and then take a train to Whittier.
Or on 6/2/11 drive to Seward from Denali, stay in Seward that night and then do the PWS tour on 6/3/11 and then take the car back to Anchorage that night, turn in the car and then take the train to Whittier to start the cruise on 6/4.
One last thing is maybe drive to Whittier from Denali and do the tour from there and pay for rental car drop-off there and just stay there that night before the day we cruise.
Please, anybody that knows the area respond. I know it is lots of driving but we live in West Texas and drive 7-8 hours to somewhere all the time.
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