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Default Using Credit Card to Call Home-DON'T DO IT!

Just got off the Carnival Pride today from my cruise. Usually, when I go on a cruise I can't get my calling card to work so I buy a local calling card in port and that works. However, on this cruise when we got to Grand Turk I was told by several shop owners that there were no calling cards, that I had to use my credit card so I did. Then, in Freeport I bought a card but could not figure out how to use it so again I used my credit card.
One call from Grand Turk 49.10
One wrong number in Freeport 49.10
One voice mail message for my husband 49.10
Second voice mail message for my husband 49.10
One call from Freeport 49.10
You add it up!!!!!!!
Does anyone know the secret of using those Freeport calling cards?
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