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Originally Posted by Veronique View Post
I'm not young (late 40's) but I'm professional (Photographer & Periodontist)... :-) but I'm a lot of fun and always hanging out with my younger friends (30 and up)
I was desperately looking to go on a cruise for 7 days starting week of Aug 21th 2010 or better Aug 29th/39th but cannot make up my mind... new to cruise and would rather share a cabin ... to avoid single penalty, but also not to be totally alone!...
as you said: "It would be great to make a new friend, but at least someone compatible to share a room for reduced rate"... :-)

I'm very interested in the cruise you suggest in your post... Did you find someone yet? Would either of those 2 weeks work for you? Would you like to talk about it? We can exchange emails and perhaps phone #s and talk soon... I'm trying to finalize my plans today or in the next couple days...
Looking forward to your prompt response.



Hi there I am looking to share a cabin in the next week or 2 if you still need someone to cruise with you. Im 32 and finishing grad school.
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