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I'm sorry, but this judge needs to be recalled.

Teri Franks needed that money to pay her lawyer's fees. When you have to fear a judge overturning a jury decision you have lost America. This is like O.J. all over again.

Yeah, Mike. I get what you are saying. Where is the honor? Where is the self-respect we used to have in the way we do business?

Some people will do anything for their kids, teach them manners, and go to church, and never cheat on their wife, but when it comes to money it's like "can I get away with it? then anything goes."

Teri Franks had to pay for all her witnesses to fly to Port Huron, Michigan. Pay for their flights, hotels, meals - to pick them up. It cost a ton.

You know it was just a harassment lawsuit anyway (which is illegal) to shut her up, and THE JURY AGREED - MR. ZITKISS. You are a disgrace to your profession and our Constitution. Didn't you take a vow?

Gad, I am mad. Can you tell?
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