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It is pretty obvious why Park West wanted him as a judge - the Internet is just chock full of incredibly insane rulings he has made. They knew he would do anything if he foind it "compelling" enough.

An $800,000 award to a little old lady who found a nickel in an indian casino and claims she was harassed by the casino who claimed it was theirs. They let her have the nickel, but she sued when they pointed her to the wrong bus home.

Tossing out another jury verdict about a high school kid who claimed sexual harassment at a high school when he was sexually assaulted in the ninth grade. "The teachers had responded to every complaint" said Zotkoff.

He even tossed out a case where someone was trying fight someone trying to invoke Sharia law as a reason to bail out AIG. (Michigan has a number of Arab-Americans).

Just last month he had a sentence pre-determined for a woman in his hand before the jury came in with their verdict. He had wrongly based it on the criminal history of another person, it was discovered, but he didn't change his mind.

These are all things I just quickly buzzed through on the web, I could be wrong in some, but there are a lot of people who think this guy is whacko, obviously.
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