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As a retired attorney, I just can't comment on a case where I have not read pleadings, transcripts, testimony records, or orders. Yet, I have read that there have been other law suits against Park West by buyers, and PW hasn't been so lucky as it is in this case right now. Just what I have read.

In any event, with all the publicity on this and other boards, I see no reason why a cruise ship guest with any common sense would fail to regard the ship's art auction with extreme suspicion. The reported "hard sell" should give them fair warning. Good, fairly priced goods sell themselves. And then, the idea of any art auction on a cruise ship is a silly idea. I go on a cruise to FORGET what my home and office look like, not to buy accessories for them. Three days into a cruise, and I cannot describe the art presently in my living room. I go on a cruise to separate myself from my ordinary life -- don't you?
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