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For cruisers like me, who have purchased occaisional art pieces on board over the years, we never purchased them as anything but something nice for the home. What we purchased, we are still appreciating.

Our high price, was really a low, as pricing is concerned. Never did I buy anything for investment, or for resale. We have seen art auction groupies on ships, that buy Erte, or Rembrant, for 1000's of dollars, and, they smile, with stars in their eyes...oy

This art sale, in the guise of an auction, was always suspect, but, What we bought , is a pittance compared to many. I don't think we overpaid. IN a gallery at home, I think prices would be quite comparable.

Princess, has their own gallery,and we did buy from them...What they sent us, Walmart would be ashamed to sell. The condition of what we received was unreal...Mind you, with pneumonia,and no voice, I fought for a refund..I ended up getting the art for free, plus a free picture..I had to have a local gallery try and fix the "ART"...

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