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I have been on several Celebrity and NCL cruises...Two of the NCL's happened to be on the ill-fated DAWN and were Rosie's R Family Vacation's(we won both odd). That isn't a true test of the Cruise line's acceptance of gays, or is it? 3,000 Gay and Lesbians with the families and kids? IT was great...just lots of kids. But, the line loved us. The bartenders, cabin attendants...everyone said it is their favorite cruise of the year.
Don't get me wrong...MANY of the staff took the liberty of staying a few hours "longer" in some of the cabins!! And, why not? They gay staff(and there plenty) had a ship full of man bait!!
In any case, Celebrity was awesome as well. FOD meeting...55 people showed up to the ice wall bar. It was amazing and so much a single guy, there with two single friends...let's just say we needed to work out a strategy for the cabin...
I love them both and will go back time and time again...going on the EPIC this Thanksgiving...BIG ship. We will see what happens!
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