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Originally Posted by davidzik View Post
Hi TravelBum,
I'm a dedicated Hedonist and perpetual traveler along the "Bargain Basement" route.
I cruised this ship from NYC to Venice earlier this year and would do it again if I could find a cheap flight from Sydney Australia. At the moment I looking for a cruisemate from Sydney to LA departing Oct 23.
Anyway would like to stay in touch.

Cheers from "Down Under"
Dedicated Hedonist ??? WTF!?! You should know that pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional. If we only to seek good and pleasure in life, then we miss the very essence of our quest. For without the experience of pain and suffering, then we can't truly appreciate real love and compassion. Without the season of rain, we can't appreciate the beauty of the rainbow.

With all due respect, from what I read and understand, many rapists and child molesters are hedonist. If you want to be my future cabin mate, I'd suggest not share anymore detail. I am already feeling creepy.

btw, if I find a reasonable fare from Sydney Aussie to Venice, would you consider this cruise? Please let me know other nearby airports in Sydney,, so I can look into more closely for you.
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