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Default least she wasn't strutting her stuff in a bikini

She's pretty well covered and looks like she's there to enjoy herself. That, I don't mind. Good for her!!! I've seen some atrocious "bikini" bodies on cruises. I'm no prude but thongs shouldn't be worn at the "family" pool, even if you have the body for it. In our family, we decided out by the pool that there is a condition that doesn't get much attention. YOu know how there are those folks who starve themselves because they look in the mirror and see a fat person...??? There are those that look in the mirror and don't see they don't have a bikini body and think they are "lookin' good"......There are those that don't believe they look the age on their DL and continue to wear bikinis and clothing that is not "age appropriate" but it's free entertainment so what the heck. I wear a swimsuit (one piece) and have a handy cover-up. I still enjoy the sun and the pool and age or weight shouldnt keep anyone away from anything except the bikinis (and speedos..sorry) being sold in department stores.
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