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Originally Posted by Dutchman View Post
You got that right, all you do is open a can of worms. They take to long to make up there mind then the price is to much. Then they want to check with someone else. Then try to get them to pay when they should. Then the 20 questions start. Then its if they can get off from work. Then the air war. Did it several years ago and will never even think of doing it again.
The kids are all out of the nest, so several years ago we took them all to Disney, rented a house, air, car and Disney tickets, what a mess that turned out to be. That will never happen again either. We now do our on thing.
I completely agree my dad yelled at me at his Roman hotel and threatened to take an airplane home instead of going to Venice. He even run out of the room to get the plane. He didn't bring, credit card, passport or any money so I wasn't to worried. Plus the airplane tickets were non refundable and he is cheap like me so no way he was losing that money. This all started because he couldn't find the train station. I thought my parents would find it and get thier train tickets to Venice with no problem because my mom had a map of Rome and the train station was one metro stop from the hotel. Plus my dad had taken the Metro the day before to the Vatican. He never looked at the map and he never went to the metro station. Instead he took a cab and told the cabbie he wanted to go to Venice. So they took him to a square in Rome with the name Venice in it. Another thing my dad's first language is Portuguese so I thought Italian and Portuguese would be similar. I don't speak either language. Apparentely Portuguese and Italian are not similar. Once my dad realized he had no way to get back to california he came back to the hotel and he gave me money to get his train ticket that night. I took a cab to the train station and got thier train tickets at about 10PM after walking all day. Of course they could have just bought the train tickets in the morning. But for some reason I became the unpaid travel agent of that trip. I booked everyone's hotels (Rome and Venice), airfare, train tickets, and tours of the Vatican. What did I get for that trouble yelled at in Rome. Never again.

In fact the morning of our full day in Rome my hubby, nephew, and sister turned to me and asked what we were doing for the day. My nephew was 8 at the time so he gets a pass. But my c-sis and my hubby went to Rome, Italy without knowing anything about it. They had no clue what to see or do. I did like that part because we did everything I wanted to do. Including clothes shopping which me and c-sis enjoyed, but my hubby and nephew not so much. I love my Italian skirt and shoes. C-sis also got shoes and a shirt. Ladies you can't go to Italy and not buy shoes that a crime against being a woman. I'm sorry what were we talking about. Oh yeah family is a pain in the drain to organize I wish you well.
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