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Default Bottomless Pit

My SIL is a bottomless home and on a cruise. He's not overweight, works out every single day, even on the cruise, and can eat you out of house and home. He orders plate after plate. We had to explain that when he was saying, "just the meat" that he would get the whole plate. He orders multiple entrees, I order multiple appetizers and all of us delicate ladies order multiple desserts. It's one of the things we love about cruising. My Grandson is taking a friend (they are 17) on our upcoming cruise. He's already told his friend that you can order different things and if you don't like it, they'll bring you something else. He now loves escargot, eggplant, the vidalia onion tart and many other things we couldn't have paid him to eat at home. He orders multiple entrees and he's a skinny thing but has the same bottomless pit syndrome as his Dad.
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