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Default Good memories

Originally Posted by Henry43 View Post
1973 -we were booked on the Amerikanis from NY to Bermuda but the ship had problems.Our TA gave us a choice ,a 60% refund or cruise on a Cunard ship.We opted for the latter and boarded the Cunard Ambassador.

Memory #2 -the bon voyage party
Memory #3 -we were touring on our own ,realized we only had 45 minutes to get to the ship-hitchhiked with a guy who turned out to be a rather nefarious individual.
Memory #4-an evening visit to a local club to hear local talent .After the steel drum player had several drinks bought for him by cruisers we found out that the guy was really from NJ
Memory #5 -getting seasick in both directions
That is some of the most unique memories I have read from this thread I posted. The guy was from New Jersey. OMG. . .sea sick both directions. . .hope you were not drinking both directions. Thanks for the memories and the smiles.
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