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I don't want to go into the differing rates that seem to suddenly change on a regular basis but I can say this ---as far as trying to organize a cruise for a group of 5-6-8 - or more family and friends, been there and done that and learned my lesson years ago. Some will hum and haw--others are ready willing and able today, then next week can't go. Some want to look for a better deal-- some back out after you just got off the phone with the T.A. and some suddenly discover they won't have the money--all of course after you done a ton of work trying to please everyone and just when you think it's all come together, it comes apart.The one time I did do it I was the T.A., tour guide, concierge, shore tour planner who caught the flack if the tour didn't suit everyone, food and beverage manager, etc. etc., etc.
Once was enough for me. We usually just keep our mouth shut,book our cruises and go.If we happen to run into someone we know, fine. If not, even better !
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