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Morning Beenie, Trip and all to follow...
Beenie, what a rude awakening - but at least you know your foot is feeling better!
Trip, looks like we are in for much the same weather for a few days, and that is fine by me! I love the heat and the sun, as I know it won't be long before I will be missing it immensely!
Talk about the "Dog Days of August"....this is how I spent the afternoon the other day, and will probably do the same today...taking Emma to the beach.
Finally, she got brave enough to stop barking at the waves and wade in!

Later tonight, we will be going to the monthly Trivia Nite at the pub, then, as that finishes early, we're going to see a comedy show called "Jimmy Flynn and the Flying Fisherman", followed by a down-home dance...
Should be interesting.....

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