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Originally Posted by Dave Beers View Post
They do it because the missed their last meeting of the "I Need A Life Society" and thus have to find an outlet for their bitterness.

It's one of the unfortunate outcomes of internet growth - it gave wings to cowards and malcontents.
Never has a more true statement been made!!
The internet is haunted by those who have no personality, (not including US of course) & I am amazed at the lengths these people will go to, not in order to fit in but to cause discord & generally upset things. There is another type that actually make up lives in order to appear interesting. There is a person on another site that has several ID's, all different types & genders but mostly female. She? tries to influence men with spicy messages (some silly randy old goats fall for it) she makes up cruises, even posting reports! She was finally twigged when she forgot which name she was posting under & made a fatal error about cancelling a cruise (sold it at the last moment...yeah right, we wish...) She has told people she is an eminent doctor even advising on medical matters, but some members ARE genuinely in the profession & can check...turns out she is probably a secretary. The recent cruise she cancelled (because someone said they would meet her onboard), we were waiting for her to break the news but were not prepared for her to say her mother had died!! This mother ages in "dog years" she is 70/80/90 depending on her mood. She claims & shows pics of a thirty-something ''blonde bombshell'' but elsewhere she posted as a divorced 50+ Grannie...& if she admits to being 50+ how old must she really be??
Another person, who stalks me, actually dug up something I said (in jest) in 2008 on another site that was different to a current statement.
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