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Default Cruising

Sadly Bermuda has learned a lesson...for quite a while cruisers were not welcome by certain people in Bermuda because "they didn't spend $$"... Well, the sad truth is that hotel occupancy (read the Bermuda Gazette today) are way down and the powers to be bit the bullet so to speak with the help of several cruise lines to develop the the old Dockyard which is now a main focus for cruising and base of tourism in Bermuda.. Having this Spring and last cruised to the Caribbean... When I see five or more cruise ships in port I get sick to my stomach..yes,I'm a snob.. Tourism is a cash cow for many of the ports and brings jobs and popularity, but what happens to the real "Grand Caymens, Cozumel, Nassau,etc"...lost in bars, gift and jewelry shops...all the same.. Please don't get me wrong.. I love to cruise..but I'm trying to avoid these type ports . As far as I am concerned.. the less non-cruisers trying cruises ...the better Let them stay home or go to their "time sharing" or
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