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A few years ago, (just found my "sign-n-sail card, and it was Feb of 2000) I was surfing, looking for a good deal on a cruise, and I found the Premier Lines "S.S. Seabreeze" seven day cruise for $89, including taxes, and port charges. I knew they were in deep financial trouble, but I figured for that price, it was worth the risk. It turned out to be one of my all time favorite cruises. The food was excellent, although mostly sea food, and the majority of the entertainment was performed by the bus boys, waiters, and cabin stewards, but was EXCELLENT! It was truly a cruise I'll never forget. Just a couple of cruises later, the ship was seized, and the passengers were dropped off wherever they were at the time, with no transportation back to the U.S. When the ship was being relocated, (with no passengers aboard) she was scuttled at sea. Official word was that she sank in heavy seas, but I suspect it was an "insurance job".

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