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Currently, two ships have a Cloud 9 spa. The Splendor and Dream, and the Magic will be the third. These ships have an additional category of cabins created with a few extra amenities.

Spa cateogry cabins include inside, OV (a few), balcony, and each ship has four spa suites (Cat 11). The spa cabins are on two decks and have different Asian inspired decor. ALL, and they mean ALL, spa category cabins are SMOKE FREE and there is a $250 fine/reconditioning fee for anyone who smokes in those cabins.

The bonuses for the spa cabins are they have different towels and robes, and you get two pairs of Cloud 9 slippers for each cabin. The first two full fare paying passengers in the cabin get free access to the Thlassopool (whirlpool with a twist) and Thermal Suite (steam/relaxation rooms). Normally these features are a fee and it is a one-time fee at the start of the cruise. Spa category on the two ships just have to show up at the reception desk wearing the bracelet they get at the spa (usually at embarkation) and hand over their S&S for a card to access the thalasopool and thermal suite. These doors were unlocked at one time and they found other guests just going in and using it for free, so card locks went on the door!

It is important to note that if anyone us UPGRADED to a Spa category cabin from a non-spa category cabin they DO NOT get the perks of a spa category cabin! They get the robes, slippers, and different decor, but no thalasso or thermal.

If you are a smoker (who wants to smoke in cabin/or balcony) or have no intention or desire to use the thermal suite or the usual whirlpool s good enough, then book a different category of cabin.

I have had the spa suite on the Splendor and I did take full advantage of the amenities!

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