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Originally Posted by ToddDH View Post
Good morning all!

I just wrote my morning post and then accidentally deleted the whole thing.

It's going to be hot again today here as well, Trip and also probably through Wednesday. But then, ours hasn't abated but maybe one or two days into the mid eighties. Hard to believe we're going into September.

I'm sure you Beenie Weenie and Mike and your male charges are going to love your Renaissance Fair expedition. Also I'm just as confident that your daughter is chomping at the bit to be taken to lunch B/W, by her father.

I told Fran awhile back, Donna, that I'd bet it was only a matter of time until Emma hit the water. Setters and Labs are both "water" dogs. Now your cat Lucy on the other hand.........

Henry, did you go to that Renaissance Fair in I believe it used to be Ramapo, NJ? At any rate I recall seeing TV ads every year for that one.

We're under a bit of a cloud here. Fran's temp went back up to 101.5 overnight. She had just started taking the antibiotic she had for the infection on her arm but as she'd only taken one yesterday morning, she stopped and started taking Levaquin (it's stronger) as per standing Dr's. orders when her temp reached 101.5. It has since dropped to the low 99's as a result of her Tylenol (the antibiotic won't kick in much before tomorrow).
We're hoping she can hang tough until her blood work on Tuesday but if it rises as anytime to 102, it's off to the ER and admittance to the hospital.

I always close with something along the lines of "Prayers and Blessings continue," etc. The other day I overheard the comment about sharing on message boards with strangers things such as personal thoughts, apprehensions, including faith based "asides" is so inane. I got to thinking how sad such folks must become if and when they need a lift, for whatever reason and especially if they're involved with a crisis. Nonetheless, I always include such folks in my nightly prayers along with ones for my beloved Cruise Mates. It doesn't bother me that they may not wish for them as it's private between me and my God. And who knows, maybe it might some day pay them a huge dividend. :-)

So, in keeping with tradition, Prayers for those on the list and Blessings for all continue ....unabated!


I used to go to the Renaissance Fair in Tuxedo,NY
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