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The main industry WAS banking in the Grand Caymens, our stop there this year after getting through the hordes of cruisers was to go on an excursion to see the other part of the island unspoiled. After having spent a week in Cozumel years ago we were able to go to undiscovered by the hordes of cruisers (where the crews went)...Yes, it does bring $$ and jobs into the islands, but I have to admit the growth imo is uncontrolled.. On the other hand in St. Barts we cruisers were treated rudely by the local merchants, guess we don't have the big $$ that regular visitors do..What I am trying to say is... many of these islands have to me lost their "charm" and become tourist/cruise traps. Lets not talk about Jamaica or St. Thomas. Dominica, Tobago and Rotan..(ports we have been to this year) on the brink of becoming inundated. Frankly, I don't expect most cruisers to agree with me...but it is my opinion and my cholces when I pick an itinerary.. which is usually believe it or not in Europe.. BTW for those who haven't done a N.E./Canada cruise.. you are missing ports that are delightful, welcoming and have other industries to support them.. like fishing.. and they charming and delightful without the hordes
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