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Back to the original blip.. As stated some people have a mission to cure our behaviours and return the port to its original condition so they might enjoy it from their view as colonial masters. They have no concern for cash flow and jobs for locals to improve the ports inhabitants standard of living.

We have about 260 ships which dock each year in Victoria as one of the stops for Alaska run. The season runs from May to September and the cruise line would not stop if they did not provide a safe harbour, access to excursions, city life , country side.
All cruise lines work with local companies and set standards otherwise you would arrive back at the ship sick to your stomach, cause the ship to be delayed, had a lousy time. Talk to all the 140 taxi cabs who drive arrive with 3-4 passengers within the hour as to them being taken advantage of, think not.
A lot of young people are employed with the tours and cafes so they can go to university or what ever study, my taxes are reduced by the port fees and purchases and I gain a lot of knowledge meeting people.

We also establish standards we expect the cruise lines to meet in using our ports otherwise we will apply financial penalties or not allow them in to meet environment and standards of shipping.

Alaska had to decrease the rate charged for passengers this year after the Cruise lines pulled some of their ships out because of the costs but they are working with the ports.

We do benefit even though we still have people here complaining about a new injustice while overall cruise lines and ports want to work together.
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