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Default Shopping in St. Thomas

at the time I was collecting english paperweights from RCD and I walked around with an authorized price list and knew the stores cost.. Lo and behold one of the very much more $$$ items was high on a shelf with a dirty white box which told me much. The store was thrilled with my offer to buy it at One of the things that still gives me laughs is seeing an old codger with young woman in jewelry stores there and I can remember it vividly the young woman turning down an emerald necklace..not enough gems on it.. In St. Lucia for the heck of it during a shower ran into a jewelry store...saw a Honora brown pearl bracelet for so much more than I had just paid for on sale in Lord and Taylors. What did I buy and you just know Parrot Mom is a shopper.. I bought a parrot beach bag from a little shop. I had so looked forward to St. Lucia.. many years ago on a cruise we found a work shop of Bagshaws where before I even had birds I bought a shirt and matching bag..which I still have to this day..and this was more than 15 years ago.. The Bagshaws in the port shopping area had little of the original or new designs.. but all the native women recognized the shirt which I wore.
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