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Originally Posted by blueliner View Post
So what constitutes a "Cruise/tourist trap"? Also, how does a port or island lose it's "charm" by allowing cruise ships to stop? Probably 2 of the biggest and most used port stops in the Caribbean ar St. Maarten and St. Thomas. Although there seems to be a lot of cheap t-shirt shops and Diamonds Intl., I don't think of these as "traps". They both still have pristeen waters and beaches. I know from reading these boards, some members consider one or the other a "dump", but I don't think they have lost any charm. Both islands still have a large amount or land only tourist going there along with the cruise ship visitors. Just because they welcome large amounts of cruise tourists doesn't make them a "trap" I think.
We have been to both and agree 100% with Blueliner .We enjoyed visiting the shops, no high pressure salespersons,alot of window shopping
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