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Originally Posted by J2Tyco View Post
I am glad I found this message board site as it had not occurred to me that smoking would even be allowed on board a cruise ship. Living in entirely smoking free Arizona you forget that it's still allowed in public places anymore--My son is very sensitive to cigarette smoke and his asthma goes haywire even being outdoors having someone nearby smoking will set off an attack that requires a full 20 minute breathing treatment with steroids. I see Carnivals ticket contract mentions "non smoking zones" and of course we are sailing on a non spa ship (spirit) so dont even have the option to book an entirely smoke free room.

My question is this--unless otherwise stated then smoking in guest rooms and on balconies is allowed correct? is there a way I can get a direct answer from anyone as to where smoking is allowed other then that? I'm envisioning people smoking pool side and deck side and all over the place? Is this the case?

This is of high concern to me as it has a high chance to become an extremely inconvenient PITA for us if my son has to sit attached to a nebulizer for large portions of our cruise and get hopped up on steroids the entire time. On our trip if the neighbors on either side or above or below up sit on their balconies and smoke every 20 minutes we will then be forced to stay off our own balcony (which obvious you pay more to have) and or to keep our door shut the entire time we are in our why bother even paying for a balcony room?

I know for my first post this is going to come off as hateful but I do have a huge issue with smoking since as I have mentioned it sends my child into a medical tail spin very quickly...I guess we are spoiled living in AZ where you can do most things in public without the fear of being violated by cancer causing second hand smoke due to another pleasure seeking.

Anyways--Im nervous about our 1st ever cruise now
Smoke Free Arizona? How bout that smog in Phoenix? Casinos etc.

You probably should just stay home, Carnival is very smoker friendly. A big reason many of us on this board and others cruise Carnival.