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"Two things which was disturbing, HAL decide for the first 48 hours onboard not allow self service on the Lido because of earlier outbreak of the Novo virus on 2 of their ships. Although it was a little unpleasant we could understand the reason of this decision but it should be solve on a better way.

I understand that they have been doing this on ALL ships for the last few months. We've been on ships that have had the NV and it never bothered us to have the stewards serve us in the Lido. I'd rather have them do it this way than to come down with the NV.

This time we also discover a lot of maintenance onboard like painting and grinding on decks between cruisers, this is should be don after cruise in a dock and not during a cruise."

The crew is always doing maintenance otherwise if they waited until they dry dock (could be at least 2 years between dry dock), then the ships would be in terrible condition. They have to do it during a cruise - there is no way they can wait to do it after a cruise. Wouldn't you rather have a ship in tip-top shape than a rusty old tub? All cruise line do this during cruises.

Otherwise, glad you enjoyed your cruise - Noordam is a beautiful ship.

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