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Default Canberra

Originally Posted by texaspepper View Post

My first cruise was on board P&O SS Canberra sailing 16 days from Los Angeles, CA to Auckland, New Zealand. So

Her last cruise was September 10--30, 1997.
Howdy TexasPepper(s)!

I have my own unique tale about the Canberra! In the early '80's I was involved in a different type of "cruising". My trips were all courtesy of Uncle Sam. I was a prolific picture-taker back then. I took pictures of everything. While in Naples, Italy, I took a dramatic night shot of a moored cruise ship. This was around 1982. Later, while transiting the entire length of the Panama Canal, we passed a cruise ship heading the other way. I took a picture of it and never thought about it again. That had to be around 1985. Years later (1987 or so), my wife was working on putting all of my Navy pictures in an album, and she was asking me about them. It wasn't until then that I noticed both cruise ships were named "Canberra"! I will try to find my old album up in the attic, and scan in those pictures.
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