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Default The truth

I too have been concerned as I will be in Mexico in a few weeks.

The other cruise boards (not cruisemates) keep erasing references to the violence.

The CURRENT news is that there have been multiple murders in Cozumel. Cancun, 45 miles from Cozumel, has had mass murders including tortures, hearts being ripped out of many people, etc. The attack yesterday resulted in 8 killed at a bar in Cancun. Mass graves have been found in caves near Cancun. U.S. officials have been murdered. 28,000 murders attributed to the current civil war over drugs and control of the country. The Cancun mayor recently arrested for drug corruption. Yesterday 10% of the entire Mexican police force was fired and more, many more, coming. The Wall Street Journal reported two days ago that those corrupt police (to the extent they have not already) will go to work for the drug lords. In short, there is a civil war and breakdown of security. The U.S. State Department has a strongly worded warning about being in Mexico and many U.S. families have been evacuated.

In short, those who talk about things being safe are not current on the realities or have a vested interest. Tourist areas are not only are not inherently immune, they are a target for those who want to ruin the economy so as to take over control of the government of Mexico.

We all need to keep each other informed and raise concerns so that we all are protected. The travel industry and the U.S. government may not do anything proactively. Note the World Trade events when (I was there for the first one) many knew that there was a high probability of a follow-up attack but failed to prevent it. Also, note Hurricane Katrina and how there was advance warnings but no government response even after many days/weeks/years.

I am not trying to spoil the party, but let us all make sure we are not having so much fun that we ignore the flames!
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