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Originally Posted by Bob M View Post
We are cruising on the Splendor on Nov. 28Th....
Mexican Riviera: Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan & Cabo San Lucas...
Any reports of problems on these ports??

Guess we could stay on board...
Someone dropped some grenades at a puerto vallarta bar. This was an accident, how can I be sure. Well the people most severely injury were the guys with the grenades. Here is an article on it. They do have armed guards at the pier to protect the cruise passengers. I went there in May and had no issues. However, still be careful, but don't panic and not go. Mexico is also a nice place to visit. I love Medano Beach in Cabo San Lucas it is a very short water taxi ride from the ship and you stay in a tourist area. Mazatlan you can go to the golden zone for shopping. Puerto Vallarta the malecon area is a short cab ride and the walk along the boardwalk is worth it. Bring small bills for tips. There are artist that do beautiful sand sculptures. Just do as the US state dept suggests and don't wave large sums of money around. Don't wear flashy and expensive clothes. These things make you a target. The pictures are from my cruise on the Splendor from May 2, 2010.
Grenade In Puerto Vallarta Bar An 'Accident': Mexican Governor : The Two-Way : NPR

Here is the travel warnings on State Departments website.
Mexico Travel Alert
This is also from the US state Department's website and it is very good advice.
Personal Safety: Visitors should be aware of their surroundings at all times, even when in areas generally considered safe. Women traveling alone are especially vulnerable and should exercise caution, particularly at night. Victims, who have almost always been unaccompanied, have been raped, robbed of personal property, or abducted and then held while their credit cards were used at various businesses or Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs). Travelers should avoid any overt displays of wealth such as showing money, wearing flashy jewelry, driving expensive automobiles, etc. U.S. citizens should be very cautious in general when using ATMs in Mexico. If an ATM must be used, it should be accessed only during the business day at large protected facilities (preferably inside commercial establishments, rather than at glass-enclosed, highly visible ATMs on streets). U.S. and Mexican citizens are sometimes accosted on the street and forced to use their ATM cards to withdraw money from their accounts. Travelers to remote or isolated hunting or fishing venues should be aware that they may be some distance from ATMs, appropriate medical services and law enforcement or consular assistance in an emergency.
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