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Originally Posted by Manuel View Post
Congratulations Liam. I hope that you enjoy it.

I am not sure when I lost my cruise virginity. I sailed from Lisbon to New York when I was eleven years old, but they did not call it a cruise in those days. But it was a lot like cruising, in the fact that they had plenty of food, entertainment and it was a fun voyage.

TM I travelled from Niue Island (cook islands group in the south pacific) to Auckland NZ in 1968 as a 4 year old on the SS Tofua and had a seriously fun and amazing time on that ship.
Caused a bit of trouble ringing the Dinner Gong at the wrong time (got caught).
Had my first ever drink of coca cola in the bar on a stool that was twice my height.
Threw sweets down to the crew in the "Hold" rearranging cargo.
The most amazing thing was seeing the water line passing up and down past our porthole in our cabin!!!
That's where I got my fascination for ships.
Liam B
Previous cruises....

Celebrity Constellation November 2010

Chin Chin and all that!
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