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Default And It's Thursday!

Morning Mates, from hot'n humid Pictou County. We are breaking heat records left and right around here.I am used to this kind of heat in Montreal, but parts of Nova Scotia are not! We are just trying to get through the days without melting. Spending a lot of time at Wal Mart, beause it's deliciously air conditioned!
Then of course, there's the threat of Earl coming through late Friday into Saturday. It looks like a direct hit on Yarmouth and Halifax (fortunately 2 hrs away from me) but then he's headed up north towards us, so we may experience some bad weather. Just praying the power doesn't go down....
As long as I still have power, I'll keep you posted!

Today I have to go back to the school to set up the storage cabinet that was delivered late yesterday. Went over there yesterday for nothing.
Once that's done, I will find something to do to keep cool!

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