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Originally Posted by dvrdude View Post
Wow. Must be tough going through life with a chip that big on your shoulder. My condolences.
I'm not sure it's a full blown "chip", but I wonder if there is some anger in general that is inside himself . If his son is that sensitive to a puff of smoke going past his nose, there must be a number of other things he's terribly sensitive to. What about auto emissions, household cleaning items, smoke from the stack of a cruise ship? If cigarette smoke was the only thing that triggers him, he would not know he's asthmatic. Whatever sensitivities he has must restrict the Dad's life to a point he's frustrated and angry that he can't do much of anything or go anywhere like most of us. In esscence, he's not free to come and go. We smokers all know that smoking areas are not all over the ship, in fact they are quite restrictive.