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Default Hurricane

Originally Posted by Luanne Russo View Post
Good morning from the usual HOT Texas. We are cloudy today, so I hope that means a little rain in our forcast.

We are still under construction. Josh's potty is sitting in the tub, and there is a hole in the floor. I keep saying to myself that it will be so nice once it is done, but I miss my washer and dryer, and Josh having his own room.

We have Josh's mattress across the doorway of the livingroom, to keep the dogs in here, instead of getting paint all over them. We put the mattress down on the floor at night so that Josh can sleep.

I hope all of my East coast friends will be safe from the storm.

Everyone have a good day.

Several of my very close friends reside in Houston . I recall vividly the last hurricane that hit the area . My friends had major property damage but not physical loss . In 2007 when I was in the area I took a tour of the Endeavor complex .I could not believe the destruction of that beautiful building .
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