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Default Friday and the Hurricane is Coming!

Morning Mates,
We are on Hurricane Watch, or at very least, Tropical Storm Watch here in Nova Scotia. It's not forecast to start till very late evening or overnight, but tomorrow is supposed to be nasty weather. From what we can tell, the epicentre will hit closer to New Brunswick and may miss us altogether, but I'm sure we'll still have some nasty winds and rain.

Today James will be putting away and/or tying down outdoor furniture and garden ornaments, and trying to tie down the rather flimsy roof on our screen room in preparation for the worst.

As for me, I have to go to work for my first day. It will be another hot and humid one and it is going to be sweltering inside the school. I know because I was working in there yesterday, getting things ready.
The only good thing about this storm coming is that it will break this now 7 day cycle of intense humidity and get us back to more seasonable temperatures.
Any of you along the east coast of the US, please be safe as Earl makes his way up here....

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