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In checking the deck plans for Infinity, it appears to me that stateroom 9041 is NOT a CC room, but a 2B room, & therefore smaller that a CC room. It is also not under the pool. Perhaps you meant 9141? We've stayed on Sky deck under the pool, & did hear some noise in the AM, but not enough to bother us.
At any rate, on M class ships the CC class rooms are 191 sq. ft. as apposed to 170sg. ft. IMO, for a total of $300, it's worth it considering the extra size of the room. It's not much, but it makes a difference. Also, the perks are nice, & you get an upgraded tote bag to keep. We have found that the canape's are pretty lame, but you can tell your attendant to substitute cheese, crackers, & grapes, which taste much better.

Enjoy your cruise!!!

P.S. Hi Triton, nice to see you back!
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