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Wow, $475 extra for 14 nights in a Mini - We (Aussies) would kill (well, almost) to be able to secure pricing for that!!!

You would have apolplexy if you knew the difference in pricing between a balcony and a Mini is for us.

We are taking a 15 night cruise on Island Princess in a Mini, to the Panama (our first time) and were forced to book via a local TA. When I spoke to a US TA (just to satisfy my curiosity), the price difference was $3,500 for the two of us - same cabin. Ouch, it really hurts. Plus on top of that, we didn't get a single cent in OBC, nothing, nada, not even a bottle of wine!!

I am green with envy - go for it!!

On the plus side, we can't wait to take our cruise, and will enjoy every minute of it.

Happy sailing.
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