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I went on my first Disney Cruise in March, 2010! I LOVED it!!!
I packed great, so i wouldnt change that. The only thing is there is no really fancy night... so you dont need fancy clothes. Theres one night where theres a "fancy" night.. but i just wore a sundress and fit in fine! No Tux's! Our stateroom was great.. I would definitely recommend spending extra money (if possible) for an ocean view... it opens up the room a lot and is awesome to wake up in the morning,look out the window.. and see tropical islands!
We chose the late dinner, which I would definitely recommend!! Disney is all about the shows.. so there are two shows a night, (the same one) corresponding with your dinner. Eating later gives you time to do what you want, go back to your room, get ready, and go to a show. Also, it gives you more time on the islands, because you dont have to be back on board so early.
If your taking kids, be careul! They can use their roomkey to buy anything.. and it can really add up. The girl who I was with bought so many pins on her card, they added up to about $300... (although she did win $100 at Bingo.. so go to that!!! ) The photos they take are so clear and fun to look at.. we bought them, and look at them a lot. So buying them for memories was good. But if your on a tight budget, bring your own camera! Take pictures a lot... and you wont need to buy the pro ones.
All food is included! And drinks (exept alcohol and smoothies) so eat and drink as much as you would like! Take advantage of this.. order two entrees at dinner! Get a burger by the pool. The food is amazing!! so dont miss out or not eat it!! Youll miss the food long after the cruise is over!
Our cruise was only 5 days.. not enough time!!! (in my opinion..) I would definitely LOVE to book a 7 day or more cruise.. it is seriously that fun! You wont run out of things to do.
We did the Atlantis resort at Nassau,,, and it was amazing. I would reccomend it, but its expensive. I would suggest maybe coming in early from Castaway Cay... after your done relaxing. Maybe if you dont book an excursion there, go on the ship early. Swim in the pool while theres no one there (its always full!)
My favorite things to do were the gameshows!!!!! They were sooooo fun! attend everyone! dont miss out. Read the daily guide of things to do, and youll never be bored!!! Disney makes everything magical. I did another cruise on royal carribean.. it was fun but it did not compare. Disney makes you feel so safe, and at home. HAVE FUN!!!
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