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Thanks for your feedback. It has made us do more research and we have added more days to the land travel.
We really don't like riding buses and Denali is one big bus ride no matter what bus you pick. We have decided to rent a 4WD and drive the Denali Hwy and stay in some cabins there for a day or so. We are going to skip the PWS tour for now and spend all our time driving around and exploring.
We will arrive in Anchorage about 2:30PM. We the are going to look around Anchorage a little and the start our drive tour the next day.
We also plan on a short ride on the shuttle into the park. I know that the Denali Hwy is not Denali park but is also is not a bus for endless hours.
We have expanded our land portion to seven days.
We are leaving it open to do a PWS tour or Kenai tour if we find that the self-driving tour get washed out by weather or we change our mind about where we are going once we get there.
We enjoy exploring so the drive, although over 600+ miles is not a big deal.
We also know that we can't travel at 75 mph on these roads and some are 30 mph and below, but we like that too.
I have seen reviews from people that have driven this road and have seen all kinds of wildlife. So that is what we are doing.
We are booked on the 6/4/11 SB.
I know we have been all over the map, so to speak, on our itinerary but that has been part of the learning experience. We have road maps, downloaded gps info and printed off lots of info on everything else so off we go.

Your input is welcome once again on this, Thanks again

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