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Default September 11 ,2001

Ordinarily I would start this thread on September 10 ,however ,my holiday begins tomorrow night and I will not be back on line till the evening of Sept.11 .

As some of you may have noticed I changed my avatar a few days ago .My previous was from Sept.2000 at the WTC . My current is from a section of the WTC Memorial Wall adjacent to Ground Zero .Specificially is the name of a friend of mine who died there on that date .

He was a Vietnam War veteran who was awarded every possible designation for heroism and bravery .He saved the lives of many soldiers .After leaving the service he began to work for the NYC Police Department .Upon retirement there was no award that he did not receive.

Afterward he took a position as Chief Of Security for a company located in the WTC .He loved the job and the people he worked with .Occasionally I would meet him for lunch at the WTC and he seemed to be so very popular .

On the eventful day he arrived to work early ,called his wife as he did every day to say he arrived safely .That was the last time she heard his voice .
His wife and family as well as relatives and friends all know that he would be the last to leave ,that he would do his best to make sure that everyone else got out .

He is and always will be my hero .A great American ,a great human being ,husband ,father ,friend .

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