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Just got back two days ago -- we took Oli's trolley, you can buy tickets in the building right off the tender boats. Took the 2 and a half hour option which made three stops in Acadia and the driver was a longterm native filled us in on lots of stories and lore. Took a late afternoon trolley -- first spent the morning on our own, which gave us a chance to cross the sandbar to Bar Harbor Island during low tide, wade and explore the shore, and add to the rock sculptures on the island. Also gave us time to explore the town and grab a bite, so that by the time we hit the trolley the kids were wiped out enough to enjoy the trolley ride, allowing us, and my inlaws, some respite from the almost 100 degree heat wave... Most definitely a very manageable town on your own.

BTW, if you stop in Portland as well, book a lobster fishing trip on your own through Lucky Catch...a two minute walk from the dock, extremely reasonable, a nd an experience not to be missed...
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