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Originally Posted by Master Chief View Post
When someone mentioned to me a few cruises ago that they always take an over the door plastic shoe bag I thought they were nuts :-). But nothing ventured nothing gained so I went to Wally World and bought one. Then my wife thought I was nuts. Well, were we both surprised at the benefit of the hanging shoe bag. It kept all the clutter off the counters and you could see exactly what was where. Another thing I always pack is a roll ofr duct tape. Not one of the big silver commercial type but a small one. Again my wife thought I was crazy. However when the rented tux was delivered to the cabin the whole back bottom of the jacket was hanging out as the thread had broken. No sweat, just used the duct tape to hold it up. And now I always have it. Of course it was someone else's idea and I just copied it. Hope this helps.
Thorn. . .I am with you on the duct tape. Every man should have a roll of duct tape! Ya, that shoe bag on the door is the greatest. Thanks for the back up on the shoe bag.
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