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The truth is that we all pay for shipboard entertainment - it is built in to the cruise fare.

The cost of sailing on Norwegian Epic - or Oasis or Allure, should never be equal to regular cruise ships solely because the entertainment costs of the ship are much higher than average ships.

People pay hundreds more to go on theme cruises; jazz, rock, etc.

But for some reason people simply refuse to pay for enertainment on a cruise ship for almost any reason (unless there is food involved).

For those of you who say you would never pay - but you went to Cirque Dreams or the Nickelodeon Breakfast - guess what; they had to feed you anyway, so you just paid for the show (tricky, eh?).

But did it kill you to pay? What if the show is truly worth it, as Blue Man Group is to me?

Would you EVER pay for a Cruise Ship Show? Especially if it means avoiding the lines currently happening on Epic?
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