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I agree with Rev on this one, the woman was WRONGED. Rev wroye about her being asked if she was ever arrested.

An affirmative answer to such a question invariably requires a lot of 'splainin' that is best answered by a court finding of wrongful arrest with a substantial award for damages.
Yeah, but at the same time when applying for a job you also do not want to appear to be litigious or vindictive to authority, so she may not get the job anyway if she sues for damages.

Her life may have been damaged far more than we expect at this point.

It just goes to show you, once again, our forefathers really did know what they were doing (regarding individual rights) when they wrote our Constitution. You can't avoid mistakes, but this should have every right to completely clear her name, including not having that arrest on her record so she does not have to reply in the affirmative.
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