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This is a really slippery slope. I voted #2 that I would not want to pay extra but I do want reserved seating.

The issue I have is that once additional charge entertainment is implemented it will be done across the fleet and across the industry. The history of alternative restaurants and open seating are just two of NCL's initiatives that are now industry wide. Cruising is going to become more of a Vegas experience rather than a cruise experience.

NCL's co-parent company, Star Cruises, has a basically pay as you go format for cruises. In their model you pay extra for food and entertainment. The higher the category of cabin you have then you pay less or none for your food and entertainment. Book a standard inside cabin and you get to eat at a buffet and that's it. If you want to eat at a regular restaurant then you pay extra. This model is being integrated into NCL. NCL still has included restaurants but they are becoming fewer in number.

I am also beginning to re-think the NCL Villa concept. I have sailed in their suites and yes they are great, with some nice amenities, but the pricing for them has become out of line. I have been price comparing and I can sail Seabourn or Regent for less than I can sail, in a Suite, on most NCL cruises. With the luxury lines I won't have the gratuity or beverage expenses nor will I have the alternative restaurant fees. It makes the luxury lines a much better deal than sailing in an NCL suite.

When I cruise, I want to pay for as much as possible up front and not worry about the added expenses that I will incur.

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