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Default Same here with Zip Lock baggies

Originally Posted by Nothin but blue skies View Post
I am definately an over-packer and always have clothes we don't even wear. But it isn't as much the clothes as the "stuff" you feel you must have, and can't buy on the ship. I would have a made a great girl-scout since I pack to be prepared for anything!

However, the best idea I have come up with for packing and keeping my suitcase organized is to use zip-lock bags. Not only do I use the gallon size, I buy the x-large and jumbo bags at Dollar Tree. I lay out a stack of T-shirts, or shorts, or even slacks, then fold the stack together and slip it into one of these bags and stack them in my suitcase. They work great and the clothes are not wrinkled. They are great for damp or soiled items going back into the suitcase for the return trip as well.
Also, I make my list differently now. On a sea day, I give myself a dinner outfit on the list but since I'll be at the pool, I can list swimsuit/coverup and by having a cover-up that looks like a little t-shirt dress, I can go to the dining room, shop, whatever and I only have the one outfit. I use lots of the travel knit. Rolls into a ball and comes out w/o wrinkles. I carry a cocktail dress instead of the long, red-carpet formal from years back. Black with a pair of strappy black sandals. I have a wrap and jewelry for one night and a sequined jacket for 2nd formal night. That takes care of both formal nights. The same black strappy shoes go with a pair of travel knit pants and two different tops (that's 2 casual nights or smart casual). That's 4 nights. The night we arrive onboard, I have a pair of capri's, casual top and sandals (5 nights). The sandals go with my shorts the capri's go with my t-shirts, the casual top will be worn later in the week with a different coodinating pair of capri's to casual night in MDR (6 nights). I carry 2 swimsuits. I carry multiple pairs of underwear per day. You just can't skimp on that, but I sometimes send a "bag" to the laundry with undies and shorts/capri's and they get re-worn with different top or t. That's not a lot of clothes when you make a list and it works fine. Even family traveling with me never really noticed the same pair of shorts or capris or even the same black cocktail dress. I did hang onto a casual jacket I wore on the plane and wore several nights in the casino. They did notice the same lightweight jacket kept showing up. That's pretty minor to me. I'm not really there to iimpress anyone...just to have a really good time.
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